Services - Repair & Overhaul

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of your Ground Support Equipment (axle jacks, tripod jacks, aircraft towbars, cradles, transportation cars, trucks, lifts, trailers, carts, powerunits,stairs, A/C's, dollies, etc) and Maintenance Tooling (Maintenance Stands, Handling Tools) are performed on-site at customer`s premises or at Rotafilo facilities.

No matter what the brand is; can be Rotafilo made or other manufacturer`s products. We provide full service including Spare Parts Supply for each product. Long Term Agreements may be signed.

Let us take the burden away from you so that you may focus on your core business!

Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Mechanic, Electrical repairs are performed.



Installation of new parts



Pressure, load, pull, electronic tests


Preservation packaging



Any GSE or Maintenance Tool is overhauled less than 30 days.

A price quotation is provided after inspection of your unit.

We will notify you before the overhaul is performed.