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Engine Transportation Stands

 By choosing a Rotafilo engine transportation stand, you are guaranteed to meet both operational needs and budget targets. We are a proud supplier to the world`s leading MROs, airlines, leasing companies, and airports for over a decade. The standard certification that comes with each shipment includes our MFR CoC, load test report and operating manual (additional documentation is available upon request). Rotafilo is an independent manufacturer and not an OEM-licensee.

Aero Engine Stands Comply With;

  • ISO 11241
  • SAE ARP 1840

Aero Engine Stands by Fleet Type;

  • B727, B737, B747, B757, B767
  • A300, A310, A318/319/320/321, A330, A340
  • MD-11, MD-90
  • DC-9/10
  • E-190/195
  • ARJ21
  • Tu-204    

Service and after-sales support are pillars of our engine stand business. We offer a 36-month warranty on every new stand we sell and a lifetime overhaul service, complete with an uninterrupted stock supply of spare parts. We are on-call 24/7 to meet all your AOG requirements. All our engine stands come with the following set of features:

  • Bootstrap compatible for engine removal/installation.
  • Suitable for truck, sea and air transportation.
  • Base + cradle assembly.
  • Removable toolbox.
  • Forklift tubes located at the base and the cradle.
  • Heavy duty casters with brakes for excellent maneuverability.
  • Casters spring-loaded with 90°position lock and brakes.
  • Foldable wheels for shorter overall length.
  • Shock plates for reduced transportation shock and vibration.
  • Manufactured in high grade steel.
  • Transportation tie down fittings and tow bar stows.
  • Skydrol-resistant paint.
  • Certified and proof-load tested before every shipment.
  • Anti-slip strips on both side.