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Engine Washing Carts

Engine Washing Cart 200 Liters


Engine Washing Cart 400 Liters


COC and all test reports are delivered with the shipment


  • Fluid is filtered by means of 5° heated up to 80°C
  • Having 100×2 liters or 200×2 liters stainless steel tanks.
  • Hydraulic system is used in 6 bars.
  • Epoxy finished custom color is offered.
  • All parts such as connectors and tubes have strong corrosion resistance.
  • Easy transport with drawbar.
  • Shipping with 1100 PVC polyester cover.


  • Electric panel and flashing lights
  • Two sets of nozzles and probes.
  • Tool box for storage tools, probs and nozzles
  • 320 volts operation.
  • Three filling wheel and front brake system.

Unique design comes with best price!

  • State-of-the-art design. Sold world wide.
  • Strong chassis.
  • Stainless steel pressure tanks. Pressure test performed for each tank.
  • Custom tank size and volume, electrical system, color, tyre, storage box are offered.
  • COC and all test reports (NDT, load test, etc.) are delivered with the shipment.
  • Compatible with most engines. Comes with nozzles and probes.
  • Pressure alert system, brake system exist. Front and back "distance sensors" are optional.
  • Shortest lead time. Delivery 3 weeks ARO.
  • All fittings, connectors and tubes are rust resistant.
  • Life time overhaul service and spare parts supply are guaranteed.

Response & Solution within 24 hours for your critical & AOG requests.