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Airframe Tooling

Rotafilo manufactures tooling for various types of aircrafts.

Tools are made from up to date drawings, correct material and coating process, and proper testing.

We produce thousands of tools annually in order to support the needs of the MRO’s and airlines.

Repair jigs and fixtures



Adapters, pins

Bench tools

Removal/installation equipment

Maintenance stands

Lift cranes and support structures

Wheel and brake removal and handling

Lifting fixtures



Landing gear handling and maintenance

Slide tools

Electrical test equipment and others

APU, stands, slings, straps, adapters

Regarding storage and shipping of the tooling Rotafilo works with BilKa Case to offer several packaging, container options.

  • Great expertise in tooling for maintenance and overhaul of aircrafts, engines, components.
  • Electronic, mechanic, pneumatic, hydraulic toolings are designed and produced. Sizes from a wrench tool to a repair tower.
  • Low price tags with higher quality.
  • Shortest lead times.
  • Broad range of capabilities to asist our customers with their needs. All machining operations, welding, coating, painting, fabrication, ATA Spec 300 packaging welding and inspection comply with AWSD1.1 / D1.1M.
  • Calibration, inspection and test services provided.
  • Life time overhaul service and spare parts supply are guaranteed.

Rotafilo design tools;

Rotafilo offers certified alternatives to high price OEM tools and equipment. Our personnel is highly experienced in constructing MRO tooling.

Rotafilo Tools and Test Equipments (TTE) are cost effective, high quality and safe.

We follow the guidelines by ARINC Report 668 to fulfill every requirement detailed in FAA 8900.1, FAA 145.109 and EASA 134.40.

Rotafilo designs and manufactures TTE according to the requirements of Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs).

Following the design stage, we generate the proper documentation that will be used in manufacturing. It will be a manual prepared according to ARINC Report 625, ATA Spec 100 and 101. This manual is delivered with the tooling/test equipment and the “Certificate of Equivalence” prepared per ARINC Report 668. If needed, user manual is also delivered with the shipment.

Rotafilo tools and test equipment are quality built and surpass MRO organizations’ and airlines’ highest standards for performance, suitability, functionality and durability. Our products help customers’ maximizing their productivity on the job.

Rotafilo equivalency process assures that produced TTE’s are fully traceable and comply with the designated criteria in the AMMs/CMMs.

  • Rotafilo provides full servce for all your tooling needs.
  • Almost 1000 tools are manufactured to the latest drawings.

For each tool, we keep records including Drawings, CMM/AMM, TTE Equivalency Determination Checklist, Material Certs, Inspection Recording Sheets, Test Reports, Certificate of Equivalency.

Response Solution within 24 hours for your critical AOG requests.

Measurement Gages

An inspection gage is very important in order to assure that your product/part meets the design requirements. Rotafilo makes reliable, effective, accurate gages to support your production and Quality assurance processes.

Custom inspection gages with .0001 inch accuracy are designed and produced.

Test Equipment

Rotafilo develops test equipments and systems.

Though demands from our customers find accurate solution in Rotafilo.

Rotafilo test equipments are reliable, safe, functional and durable.