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  • We are committed to creating aircraft parts, components and systems that match the desires of our customers.
  • Rotafilo is working with EASA/FAA Part 21/Part 145 certified companies and PMA parts' manufacturers on the Cabin Accessories, Galley, Seating, Flooring, Fabric, Lighting, Side Panels, Window Frames, Entertainment Systems.
  • We design and engineer Rotafilo brand GSEs, Maintenance Tooling, Test Systems and other products.
  • Rotafilo also offers engineering and design services for retrofit and modification programs of aircrafts.

We design what you dream of!

Rotafilo has below capabilities for both 2D & 3D FE models;

  • Static, Modal, Spectrum, Harmonic, Buckling Analysis
  • Axi-symmetric Stress Models
  • Plane Stress\Strain Models
  • Elastic-Plastic Analysis
  • Bolted Joint Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Stiffness Calculations
  • Linear & Non-Linear Solutions
  • Advanced Node to Node, Surface to Surface Contact Applications

Rotafilo has below Engineering Capabilities;

  • Stack-up Analysis
  • Bolt Calculations
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance
  • CAD & CAM
  • CA Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Cost Reduction
  • Materials & Special Processes
  • Stress Concentration Factors
  • Field Problems
  • Mechanical Design